I suppose winter cycling starts here

First snow of the year and it’s only October. I left my car window open the last two or three days (before during and after the storm) and the seat was like a frozen sponge this morning. Then there was ice on the inside of the windshield–a real good start to getting to church when I was already running late.

Anyway, with the afternoon sun came a good thaw, a 40-something-degree thaw. Naturally I got on my road bike. Roomie and Twin both opted for naps, so I went at it alone.

After about two or three miles, I realized I would need a jacket or wind vest on such a ride. But going home is never a good way to start a ride, so I just pressed on.

I became extremely cold, you know, with snot running down my face, lost feeling in my fingers and toes, and just a general chill all over the rest of my body. I found myself pushing my intensity and actually doing intervals just to keep warm. (Maybe the whole under-dressed thing was a good idea). Winter might actually make me faster. I will just have to dress smarter if I am to make it through this winter.

So long ahead of schedule, some winter cycling started today (and yes, I know it was not that cold, but I am not quite acclimated to the cold.) Anyway, there was snow on the ground. See! So it does count as the start of winter in my book.

I think the strangest thing about this picture is how green everything else is. This next picture is even stranger.

It doesn’t look like any snow should be on the ground (well what little there is since it all melted).

I cannot wait for the first substantial snow storm. That’s when ski season will actually be able to start. I think the nearest resort only got five or six inches. It will be fun (or just interesting) to actually train on my bike through this winter. I’ve never really done it before. I have ridden in winter before, but that ended with Roomie calling quits for a case of chapped knees. That’s for another day though.

Let it snow!


About jasonbikestheusforms

I am a college student from Eldersburg, MD. I am biking from Maine to Seattle, WA to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. The goal is to help end MS for all those affected. Who knew a bicycle could be such a good tool for this cause? This blog will serve as a log of the adventures of my training and my actual journey next summer.
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