Revamping an obsolete bike

My first road bike is a cheap old thing. The components are essentially useless, but the tires have flatted about a quarter as many times as I’d expect. It only has one bottle cage mount and the seat is made of pleather. It makes for a semi-comfortable ride that gets the job done, but with none of the high efficiency that would set it apart as a road bike.

Since the front derailleur has ceased to work even after much mechanical work, I’ve decided I’m going to rid myself of the whole two crank deal. It will become a 34 with seven gears to work with. I hardly see a need for a 52 on a bike that has little business reaching top speeds anyway.

So tomorrow’s project will be to detach the front derailleur and remove the left shifter (which functions like a down tube shifter, but is poorly placed on the handlebar, right next to the stem). The bike will mostly be used riding up to the public library, relatives’ homes across town, or up for ice cream. So this will be perfect and as close to a single-speed as I’d like to get with these nearby hills.


About jasonbikestheusforms

I am a college student from Eldersburg, MD. I am biking from Maine to Seattle, WA to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. The goal is to help end MS for all those affected. Who knew a bicycle could be such a good tool for this cause? This blog will serve as a log of the adventures of my training and my actual journey next summer.
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